Many hands, thanks for all the help

We have been making great progress in the last few months and it is mostly due to help we have received from voluntary or (knock down priced) workers. Mike was able to build and roof an outdoor kitchen with the help of Ollie and Mark who did well despite being hit by heavy rain and having to go home to dry out.

Then Mickey, his brother Steven, and his son Luke gave us a great discount and installed a fab new deck. They too were caught out by the rain and due to a mis-communication about transport spend one morning stuck sheltering in a shed. The kitchen and yurt are great on the deck.

Mother's day was planned as a family volunteering picnic and we were delighted and surprised when despite the forecast for snow we had a great turn out. So thanks to Mums: Sara with her boys, Elaine with family and friends, Una and son Dan, and Keelin, who came with her famiy and a babe in arms! We managed to have a barbeque and plant half a dozen trees. When the snow showers came the adults went inside but the children ran out to slide and gather snowballs from the new deck. See photo album

March has also seen the arrival of our first international volunteers the first left a hot beach in Costa Rica to camp in below zero weather in Wicklow. After two days we moved poor Daniel to Wendy's until winter loosens its grip. Not a problem though for our Canadian lassies, Molly and Olivia from British Columbia who are sticking out the camping and seem to be coping well. Thanks to them we are planting the bush fruit in the food forest area and getting up the rabbit proof fence around the vegetable area as the first seedlings are appearing.

Thanks also to our regular helpers Suzie's Dad, John our friend and cook Debbie and in February Suzie's sister Claire!