How does your garden grow? Organically of course!

I am delighted with progress in the vegetable garden. We have achieved my goal of getting half the garden in this year. With the help of our wwoofers we are there. Lots of lazy beds are in and so are lots of veg all looking well! Broad beans were in first followed by radish, mizuna, potatoes, peas, lettuce, onions, shallots, garlic and now carrots, beans, beets, chard and outdoor cucumber are looking good.

Lots is still waiting in the green house to go out as soon as the cold snap disappears: courgettes, squash and outdoor tomatoes.

The rabbit fence seems to be holding up as no wee furry ones have been spotted nibbling at the lettuce. Slugs haven't been a problem either. We got the fedge in around most of the fence with the help of a transition year student Luc and now that it has finally rained we hope it will take and start to grow.

It gives me such joy to be working in the garden and seeing it progress. I have been dreaming it for a long time.