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A free online directory of local food for anywhere in Ireland.

  • Growers
  • Producers
  • Restaurants
  • Local food Markets
  • Box Schemes, CSAs and other Food Hubs

Also information on

  • What's in season
  • Recipes
  • Reasons to eat local food
  • Organising food in your community

Food Hub Features

If you run a food hub, the website will allow you to manage your members, set up a catalogue and take orders online.

Want to make a suggestion or help?

If you'd like to make suggestions or are interested in joining the project, we are open to your contribution!

Whether you are a local food hub, a restauranteur, a farmer, a graphic designer, Drupal developer or just someone who has some ideas about local food, please contact Mike Cahn (who runs both a local food box scheme and a web development business in Wicklow).

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